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Thanksgiving Feathers- Preorder


  • Image of Thanksgiving Feathers- Preorder

These will be made first come first serve basis. If feathers run out, you will be completely refunded. Please leave size in the comments. This is not offered for anything over a size 8.
thank you!

Image of Mystery Tutu Grab Bag
Mystery Tutu Grab Bag
Image of Jingle All the Way Tutu
Jingle All the Way Tutu
Image of Holiday Plaid Tutu
Holiday Plaid Tutu
Image of Americana Fabric Tutu
Americana Fabric Tutu
Image of Witches Brew Tutu
Witches Brew Tutu
Image of Blood Splatter Tutu
Blood Splatter Tutu
Image of Squad Ghouls Tutu
Squad Ghouls Tutu
Image of Firecracker Tutu with Lights!!
Firecracker Tutu with Lights!!
Image of Shirt +  Firecracker Tutu with lights!!
Shirt + Firecracker Tutu with lights!!
Image of Americana Tutu
Americana Tutu
Image of Gobble Gobble Tutu
Gobble Gobble Tutu
Image of Easter Bunny Tail Tutu
Easter Bunny Tail Tutu
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